Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Noise.....

It's funny that this bothered me so much.  Noise is usually not a big stressor for me and I'm NOT a light sleeper but this was like nails on  a chalkboard.

While I used daytime pics for this as I couldn't figure out how to just upload the audio without making it a video, this was recorded at 12:26AM on 2/26/14.  The cabin was 8161 on the Carnival Pride, an extended balcony category 8K, which was directly below an uncarpeted portion of the Lido (buffet) deck.  Never again.  What irked me about this was I moved into a regular balcony cabin, which is what I tried to book in the first place, but got upsold into a "premium extended balcony" cabin for $150 more.  I pretty much donated that $$ to Carnival as I didn't get it back.  :-(  Live and learn.  I *AM* very grateful they let me move.

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