Saturday, November 21, 2015

11/21/15 Pass Christian to home.

I bid a fond farewell to the beach at Pass Christian and set my sights on home.  I had thought about staying another day but the forecast was for gale force winds and heavy rain. I didn't think I could beat all the weather but decided to try. It started to rain when I passed the FL Welcome Center.

As I approached Crestview it really started coming down and I was hungry so I pulled into Cracker Barrel. I figured if it kept pouring so hard I could just stay there although I was hoping not to do that.  I sat there for almost 2 hours until it let up enough to try to continue. There were some more moments of heavy rain but not enough to force me to stop again. I got home in the dark, which I hate, but it's no so bad as the last few miles are familiar.  

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