Wednesday, March 21, 2018

It's a cold night here, just south of Savannah, and with much trepidation I'm trying out the Little Buddy heater I got to replace my overlarge Mr. Buddy that I never liked or trusted. So far, so lit easily and isn't hissing and spitting like the MB did. And it hasn't caught fire. Always a plus.

I was fuming a bit ago......I had *just* cracked open a beer, something I seldom do when overnighting in a parking lot, when some goober comes in, parks next to me, and fires up their jackhammer -I mean generator. Seriously, I could see the ripples in my beer, it was that loud. After about half an hour I gave up and put on my shoes to go walk and see if I could move. Well, it turns out everyone else is running generators (seriously, am I the ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD who has batteries and propane??) but no one else's is as loud and stinky. So I'm stomping around and found a spot that sounded and smelled better and went stomping back to the rig to get the keys. Cursing all the while that it sounded like a f*cking truck stop. (Another pet peeve.....if you're gonna make that kind of noise, go to a truck stop or gas station. Don't park next to a hotel, run your loud generator and then wonder why businesses ban overnight parking. Because if I was in that hotel room 20 feet away I guarantee I'd be complaining.) Just as I was climbing into the drivers seat the noise stopped. Glad I didn't have to move but I'm fairly sure I'll be treated to a 6am wake up by them. :-(

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