Friday, June 20, 2014

Toilet Conversion Part 2 - 6/20/2014

9/24/2015 Here's the thing. First off, Blogger sucks. Who knows where the pics went. Sigh..... Secondly, I no longer recommend the C-Head. Go with the Nature's Head, it may be spendy but it's not a $500 bucket toilet. I'll go into this in more detail at some point but for now just know that if you can't afford a good composting toilet, just go with the bucket. It'll be less mess and hassle.

My C-Head arrived today in a big Home Depot box.  I had been following the tracking with much anticipation.  I tore into it like a kid on Christmas morning. :-)

The ventilation hood adapter for the storage bucket.  

Even came with instructions on how to get it out of the box.

It was packaged quite well.  

I had this old shelf from a computer desk in the basement and hacked it up to make a base.  Unfortunately the toilet flange sticks up from the floor & can't easily be removed as it is attached to the tank. Plus the nut on the plug sticks up a bit too.  This was quite the project, involving a circular saw and a roto-zip which I finally found in a box tonight after looking for it for ages.  I have drifts of chipboard dust in the basement now..  

The toilet slid into place.  It was a tight fit.

With the cover in place

Cover removed, ready to use.  Did I mention it was a close fit?  Um, yeah.  I can't open the cabinet. F&*%!  :-)

Top lifted to access the collection containers.  Apparently this is the only way I will be able to access the bathroom cabinet.  :-(  Ah well. I do need to see if I can disassemble the box behind the toilet or make the hole in it where the water pipe comes out bigger so I can push the water line back inside.  Even that inch will help.  I could also, after the 30 day return policy is up, possibly sand down that edge that sticks out from under the seat.  Or I could just live with lifting the top. I don't keep stuff I access frequently in that cabinet anyway as it was hard to access before, and the water pump & a ton of piping takes up most of it. We'll see how it goes.

Liquid & solids collection containers.

I haven't used it yet.  I need to get the coco coir, or if I can't find that I suspect Feline Pine cat litter might work great too.  It's basically compressed pine sawdust, and any moisture turns it back into sawdust.  And it has a pleasant smell.  My first impression of the toilet  is positive though, it's well built and the design makes sense.  I like the look of it better than the Nature's Head too.  It looks more like a regular toilet while the NH looks like something from the space shuttle.  :-)  I'll update when it's seen some use.


  1. Good Morning, congrats on the successful install of the new toilet, The door issue, what about flipping it, hinged on the opposite side? so it opens the other way? just a thought but I'm still researching the process for the toilet and how it works and all.
    Have a great weekend.
    Carlene aka Waianaegal

  2. Thanks! Yeah, it's an idea. Not something I want to tackle right this moment since I can get into the cabinet by lifting the top. One unanticipated benefit of this mod is, if I need more room in the bathroom like for winterizing or cleaning or working on stuff like the cabinet or water pump, I can just move the toilet out into the hall. I looked at adding an accumulator tank when I first got it and decided there was no way. With such easier access I may look at it again.

  3. Can you flip the cabinet door, reversing the sides of the handle and hinged? I can't tell if something on the right would also be blocking the door.

  4. Good for you! It's nice to know the conversion is that easy. I've never thought about changing out the toilet, but I'm thinking if I ever need to purchase a new one, I'll go this route. Thanks! :)