Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Westbound and Down......

And so the great adventure begins.

I got a late late start after a few more computer issues and not being able to get a lot of stuff done due to the torrential rains yesterday. I finally left at 4:30 pm, dropped some stuff at the storage and tried a little pest control. I had seen signs of mice last time, and I had read that they, like squirrels, hated cayenne pepper. I had been meaning to test-fire one of my cans of bear spray at some point so I'd know how it worked in an emergency so it seemed like a great idea to spray some of it around in the unit to make it inhospitable to mice. Well, you know where this is going. The force of the spray was pretty surprising, and the blowback was massive. :-) I ran. :-) I got just enough to cough & tear up for 10 minutes. It works. Since mice have more sensitive noses I suspect they'll move on to greener pastures. I actually hadn't seen any more signs of them this time so hopefully the other deterrents had already helped.

After I was done at the storage unit I headed west. I thought about stopping in Pensacola. I thought about stopping in Mobile. The buildings were lit with purple lights.....pretty! And there was an amazing white futuristic tunnel that I didn't expect. But I was rolling along in the groove and decided to see if I could make Biloxi. One thing I need to get over is this drive to get there. When I saw the "New Orleans 98mi" sign, I said to myself, "I could make that!" I have to remember that now the journey is the destination too, and slow down. I was going to go to a casino in Biloxi but decided I didn't feel like it.  I got off I-10 in Gulfport and headed for Cracker Barrel. Which turned out to have no RV parking and was in a mall area so it was unlikely I could sneak camp. Ah well, guess it'll be IHOP for breakfast in the AM instead. It is blessedly cool here, I was able to shut one of the windows which cut down on the road noise. It was downright chilly with it open. Love it. Gonna get me some $2.84/gal gas tomorrow and head west, hopefully ending up near Houston.

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