Saturday, September 12, 2015

The return trip

I left Tacoma somewhat later than I'd hoped, and it took forever to get propane. Like a fool, I stopped at a Chevron station that had a propane tank out front that I passed on the way to Uhaul. Like a bigger fool, I didn't ask the price first. $4.99 per gallon!!!  It was $2.10 at Uhaul. Unreal. I had planned to do I-5 south to Portland, then cut over to the coast at Lincoln City and spend the night at the Casino there. Unfortunately I hit Portland at 4pm and traffic was backed up for miles.  Since there's little I hate more, I turned west and headed to Astoria. I parked at the Safeway and inquired whether it was still ok to park overnight. They said it was ok, stipulating that I had to park in one of the 6 rv spaces and that if they were full I could not stay. Also, they reiterated that it was one night only.  It's a shame when people abuse the privilege, as has happened here, to the point where the business is teetering on the edge of forbidding it.  

As soon as I got out of the vehicle I could hear (and smell) the hundreds of sea lions hauled out all over the docks.  I set off toward the Rogue Public House, which took me past them. I watched for a while, they're pretty entertaining.  I finally got to the Rogue and ordered my standard dinner, smoked salmon chowder and albacore fish and chips. I asked to substitute a salad for the fries, which was an extra $2. The soup & entree arrived at the same time. The chowder looked odd, and when I took a taste I saw why.  It was full of black beans!!  Who put beans in chowder? I guess they do now.  Never did before. I was also unimpressed that they just dumped the salad in the basket with the fish.....fried food is never improved by contact with wet/cold salad.  Also, my fork poked holes in the paper liner, resulting in a dressing spill on the table.  When I finally saw the waitress again. I told her I wasn't sure if I got the right soup as there were beans in it.  She replied, "Oh, yes, we put beans in our chowder though it's not mentioned on the menu." Kind of a glaring omission! I told her I didn't want it and she took it off the check without asking if I wanted anything else to replace it. The fish was fabulous as usual. When I was done she brought the check when she came to clear the plates so I figured that was a sign that I didn't REALLY want desert and another beer. :-(. All in all, a disappointing experience.  I headed back to the rig and enjoyed another beer there, then laid down and fell asleep pretty quickly. The sea lion noise was not bothersome, in fact, as I began to drift off the sound seemed to morph into something like voices in a crowded room and even singing. It was really peaceful. 

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