Sunday, December 7, 2014


I downloaded a cool app the other day on my Android tablet and finally got around to entering all my fuel receipts in. This is the damages from Oct 14th to 12/1.

And as of today (12/5) it's up to 5553 miles, $1549, for a cost of .28/mi or $29.78/day.

As far as camping goes, out of 52 nights on the road since 10/14, 16 nights were paid camping for a total of $329. $110 of that was my splurge at Riverbend Hot Springs, it would be lower without that. Personally, I avoid RV parks because I don't like being 5 feet from my neighbor and I hate having to plan and make sure I get there while they're open, etc. It's really not cause I'm cheap or can't afford it. :-) I'd much prefer to stay out in the wide open desert or on a deserted beach, where I can leave my curtains open all night & not feel claustrophobic, and when it's free, well that's just a bonus. :-)

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