Wednesday, December 17, 2014

12/17/14 Parked in Florida

Well, there hasn't been much to report. I've been parked in Mom's yard in FL for a week or so now.  I just went into contract on a lot just up the street from her. I'm hoping we can close before New Years, and it may be possible since it's a cash sale. I'd like to either put up a storage building or get a cargo trailer and park it on it so I can get my stuff out of storage. While it's vacant land, it does have a well, septic and power pole already in place. And is mostly cleared. That's what sold me on it. When I get the electric hooked back up I'll get a 30 amp outlet installed as well and I'll have somewhere else to park when I'm in FL. While I could park in Mom's yard as long as I want, they deserve their space. I made a killer lowball cash offer, 60% of the asking price, and to my utter shock they accepted! I thought for sure they'd counter. Of course I'm glad they didn't.  I feel pretty sure it's a decent investment at that price.  I'll be really happy to get out of the storage was really annoying me to pay for that dumpy place. This might delay my westbound trip for a while, but FL in the winter does not suck either. :-)

Another project I've been fighting with is getting my gps tracks organized and uploaded.  I have October done so far....

I'll work on getting Nov & Dec up soon.

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