Saturday, November 8, 2014

11/4/14 Farmington

It was a quiet night at Walmart. Cold....I think I saw 28, but quiet.  I decided if it was supposed to be that cold again I'd go for an RV park. I wanted to upload the Bisti pics, get a shower, etc.  First on the agenda was shopping. I had gotten some groceries at WM the night before but I needed some other stuff, and Farminton is a TWO Safeway town!

One was in a center with a Petco, Best Buy & Home Depot so I headed there. I stopped in Best Buy first....I really wanted a new car stereo.  Half of their displays didn't work, and for once there was no salesmen hovering, so that was the end of that.  Next was Petco. I had gotten some pine pellets for the toilet and was already seeing they weren't working as intended.  Too heavy and just not that effective. I was just about out of the loose coco coir so wanted to get another bag of that.  I was a little irked to see a brick that makes 8 qts was $5, and a loose bag of 8qts was $10. I weighed my options and decided the hassle of rehydrating a brick and then finding a sturdy bag big enough for it was worth the extra $5.  Besides, the last thing I need in there is more moisture.

Next up was Safeway. I almost cried when I went in. Baby organic heirloom tomatoes, kombucha, noosa yogurt.........omg I was in heaven.  I picked up a ton of stuff, wondering where I'd put it all, and a case of beer.  Well, when it came time to check out, I pulled my credit card out of my pocket...and no license.  Great. I was 99% sure I'd stuck my license in my pocket with the cc, but maybe not.  Oh well, I just put the beer back.  Went out to the rig & unloaded the groceries, and no drivers lic.  Awesome.  So now I'm retracing my steps through Best Buy and asking if they found a license to no avail. Ditto Petco.  I remembered I had taken the bag of coir to the rv before going to Safeway, and retraced my steps.  I spotted my lic. lying on the ground about a quarter of the way there. Such a relief!!!  I don't know why all of a sudden I can't keep stuff in my pockets, I've done this forever.  I'm trying not to do it any more.

Last stop was Home Depot. I needed one of those flip up doorstops for the toilet. I put sliders on so it's easier to move/clean/etc., but that makes it slide around the bathroom. I was hoping this would work.

Looking at the RV park choices, Mom &  Pop RV Park looked like the cheapest, and supposedly had a quirky model train setup and handmade figurines.  It was a quirky place all right. It was in kind of a poor location, right next to some building with a lot of noisy traffic in and out. It died down after dark. Another thing I found disconcerting since I was right by the bathhouse was that there was a lot of itinerants pulling in just to use the shower.  I guess they'd pay in the office and get a key. I dunno, it was really not something I should have been bothered by but I found it annoying.  The problem was, I had the very first site. Right by the entrance so I was getting all the in-n-out traffic, plus everything passing by on the street. And the folks next to me parked their car so close to me I couldn't fully open the drivers door!  Ah well.  What I *was* bothered by was that the wifi sucked!! It was sooooo sloooooowwwwww.  I couldn't get anything uploaded.  I was aggravated.  Oh well, at least I got to run my heat all night. I don't know if I'd stay there again though. Maybe if I was smarter and said "No thank you" when he says "Oh, just park in site #1 there." :-)  The train & figurines WERE cool.

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