Wednesday, October 22, 2014

10/21-22/14 Truth or Consequences NM

Well, I'm officially in love with Riverbend Hot Springs. I woke up at 8:30 Tuesday (had to set the alarm for that one), and at around 9:30 headed over to grab a coffee, and lo and behold, Sees the Day was playing again till 10am! And they were even better the second time around. When I got back to the RV Annie was waiting....I gave her the spare wristband & she went on her way. Not sure if she came back...I never saw her. I read for a while, then went for my private soak at 1pm in the Cielo pool. It was hot, at 104 degrees. I spent the next few hours alternating between the pools and napping on a comfy chair. Unfortunately around 4 a few loud groups came in and by 5 I had had enough of the racket. I went back to the rig to make supper but wasn't hungry. I was freezing. I laid down & woke up a couple hours later still feeling feverish and crappy. I huddled under the covers and called it a night. I realized the next morning that I had dehydrated myself and probably gave myself heat exhaustion by spending too much time in the hot pools & not drinking water or eating. Rookie move. I felt MUCH better in the am, got a shower and a last soak, then started getting ready to go. I did spend a few minutes showing off my Iceland and Alaska pics tho. :-) I *almost* stayed a third night. I really wanted to get closer to Ramah though, and I'm pretty sure I'll be back.
Lovely artwork decorated the buildings at Riverbend Hot Springs

The attention to detail was amazing, down to these cool glass stones embedded in pathways

They glowed in the sun.

Overlooking the Rio Grande

Hopeful fish

A fish feeding frenzy

Yeah, they're kinda creepy like this. :-)

Two of the public pools overlooking the river.

Cielo, one of the private pools. I soaked in this one. Approx 104 deg.

The Rio Grande

Pretty flowers

Three more of the public pools, each was a different temp.

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