Thursday, October 30, 2014

10/30/14 Cochiti Lake

Today turned into a do-nothing day. I got up late and truly did not feel like driving anywhere. So I decided I didn't have to. I knew my site had not been reserved for the night as it didn't have a tag on it. Around 1pm I noticed a truck & TT making the rounds of the loop. When they went by for the 3rd time I grabbed my map and went out to talk to them. I showed them the map I had gotten with the spots highlighted that hadn't been reserved for a couple nights and told them to look for cards on the poles. It's really kinda silly that check in time is 2 but no one is in the office till 3. ?? :-( I told the gal that when I went down to pay for another night. She agreed but said suggestions seemed to fall on deaf ears. Anyway, it was a quiet day. I watched a few folks who couldn't back up their 5th wheels put on a show, and felt a little bad for having a pull-through. But that's the site they recommended to me when I checked in, and I have to say, it was nice not having to back into a site in the dark. So I didn't feel too bad. I enjoyed a nice salad of Costco shrimp & cherry tomatos for lunch, yummy! Then for dinner I nuked a bag of baby red potatoes and enjoyed them with butter and garlic salt. Also yummy.


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How not to back that thang up.
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